Larry Glover Live offers our clients great marketing value and I’m confident that our program would be a good fit for your business.  Our current client base includes Jack Kain Ford, Ale 8 One, and Boone Tavern, to name a few  I can also offer you letters of recommendation from our clients endorsing our show as having helped their business significantly.  Here’s what some of our advertisers are saying about us.

We at Jack Kain Ford have enjoyed advertising on Larry Glover Live for the last 2 years.  We have a very limited advertising budget so it is especially important for us to get a good return on our investment.  Larry Glover Live allows us to take our message to a large, diversified audience   with a lot of frequency.

We are able to measure  the continued success we are having with Larry’s show by  broadcasting specialized messages that are used  only with his audience.

We have been in business for over 50 years and have a reputation for fair and honest dealings with our customers and only wish to do business with advertisers like Larry who have the same philosophy.

Larry has gone out of his way to provide us with a great product with exceptional service and we truly appreciate the relationship that we have established with him.

– Bob Kain, GM of Jack Kain Ford


We have definitely seen new guests in our restaurant purely based upon Larry Glover’s recommendation! It’s very comforting to know when radio actually pays off because results are so hard to track. When our guests from surrounding counties and Fayette Co. come here based on the fact that they “heard about us from Larry”, we know that our ads are working”.

– Gordon Lewis, Owner of Sutton’s Italian Restaurant


Larry Glover Live is radio show that heavily favors University of Kentucky sports.  We do discuss other relevant stories that develop on the national, regional and local scene.  If a caller brings up a new subject, we will entertain it and weigh in on it.

We offer a cast of regular and semi regular guests that include:

  • John Clay and Mark Story from the Lexington Herald Leader
  • Kyle Tucker from the Courier-Journal.
  • Recruiting expert Jeff Drummond of Kentucky Scout (He does a recruiting update every night at 7:06).
  • CBS Sports columnists Gregg Doyel, Jeff Goodman and Gary Parrish
  • ESPN columnists Jason King and Eamon Brennan
  • Fox Sports Recruiting Director Evan Daniels
  • CN/2’s TJ Beisner and Chip Cosby

I feel we give our listeners an objective look at what’s really happening on the sporting landscape.  I am not a homer but I am fair to the people and programs we discuss.


I hope this information helps answer any questions that you might have about me and our show.  I would be very happy to discuss our available marketing opportunities with you.  I think you’ll find our rates very attractive.  You can reach our marketing team at or call us at 859-338-8863


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