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Gregg Doyel

Update:  UK announces six former Wildcats will enter the UK Hall of Fame.  Derek Abney and JB Holmes headline the class. Click here  for the full release.

We’ve got a great show planned for tonight.  CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel will join to talk about blind devotion.  He wrote a terrific article on blind devotion and diety making at Penn State and the cautionary tale that all fan bases can learn from.


WHAS’ Kent Spencer will guest as well and Jeff Drummond has the recruiting update.


You can join us beginning at 6pm with your calls and comments.  By all means, tell us what you want to talk about.  If you can’t call into the show, shoot us an email at larrygloverlive@gmail.com or tweet us @larrygloverlive.  If you do want to call, give us a ring at 317-4554 or 855-885-CATS and we’ll debate any topic.


Notes and Links:

John Calipari revealed to Andy Katz that at least two freshman, Archie Goodwin and Alex Poythress, would start next season and surprisingly Ryan Harrow and Julius Mays may come off the bench.  Cal did say that he was extremely pleased with Harrow’s play at a recent practice.  One side note, I would be stunned if Harrow didn’t start.


Most believed that Harrow was the surest starter but perhaps not.  Also, Nerlens Noel is a slam dunk to start according Andy Katz, and lets be honest, anyone else breathing.


ESPN released their SEC power rankings and they have, gasp!, Missouri at the top.  It should be noted that Big 12 alum, Ok. State, Doug Gottlieb made the list and analysis.  Read if you like.


In case you missed, Andy Katz caught up with the Harrison Twins (Aaron and Andrew).  You can watch the interview here.


For those of you pining away for Mike Leach, here is an update on what he is doing at Washington State, courtesy of CBS Sports.


Mr. SEC accurately points out that Missouri fans ARE crazy enough to be in the SEC.  Check out this link and most importantly the photo.

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