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Update: Kentucky defeated Mississippi State this afternoon 5-1 in Hoover, Alabama.

The Kentucky baseball team is in action this afternoon in the SEC tournament against Mississippi State.  The Cats were swept last weekend by the Bulldogs and are looking for a little payback.  We’ll give you insight and analysis on the out come tonight.

Amazingly enough, John Calipari’s scheduling has been called into question by a group called the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA).  This is stunning because people are now offended by the way Kentucky schedules.

Matt Norlander of CBS Sports writes that this group is trying to get people (schools) to not give into UK’s wish to play at neutral court sites…as if UK’s the only school that does that.   Doesn’t this panel realize that UK has to play someone in these made for TV games?  So, in theory, if UK is benefiting then isn’t fair to argue that the other team benefits from this experience?  Is there outrage that Notre Dame has an exclusive national TV contract with NBC?

This 59 member panel needs to get a life because it’s only issue because UK’s doing it.  Duke has been the king of the neutral court game until recently.  Funny, there wasn’t any outrage then.  We’ll definitely talk about this tonight.

Plus, we’re talking football on the show tonight.  The Mayor of UK Football, Lonny Demaree, will join us for a lively debate about the upcoming UK season.

Also, John Calipari gave us a hint as to what the Kentucky basketball schedule will look like next year and beyond with blog post on his website on Wednesday.  Do you feel better about dropping Indiana?  We’ll discuss what the Cats future schedules mean.

The show kicks off at 6pm

Hour 1 (Lonny Demaree)
Hour 2 (Jeff Drummond)


Here’s Cal’s post about the upcoming schedule.  He’s got some interesting plans that any Cat fan of any age can understand.

Myron Medcalf takes a close look at the return of the dominant defensive big man with his latest blog post.  Myron discusses and ranks the top shot blockers in the college game.  Nerlens Noel makes an appearance near the top.

Jabari Parker is the top player in the 2013 class and the Cats want him badly.  Find out what makes Parker tick…I think you’ll find he’s an impressive kid.

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